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CBI/Pearson Education and Skills survey (UK) in 2014

* Employers want work-ready capabilities

* Many are not satisfied with the attitudes and skills of school leavers in important areas including attitudes to work (33%), teamwork (36%), basic numeracy (38%), problem solving (50%) and communication skills (52%)

* Too many university graduates fall short of business expectations: 17% report shortcomings in graduate applicants’ use of English, 23% in problem-solving and 26% in communication skills

ILO (International Labour Organisation) 2014 survey of ASEAN Employers on Skills and Competitiveness

* Only 53% of employers agree that university graduates are well equipped with skills to work in companies

* Most employers do not feel high-school graduates add value to the workplace

WorkAware’s Peak Performance Programs will suit those seeking their first job or already in jobs, those trying or returning to work after a lapse of absence and the self-start entrepreneurs.

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The 1-Day Foundation Program is for individuals with little or no work experience, year 11 and year 12 students going on to undergraduate study, undergraduates, graduates and those ready to join the workforce. The program is designed to also polish off work experience and fast track confidence and capability for returning to work or post career break. A special Abridge Foundation Program has been developed for high schools (year 11 and 12), apprentices, youths and tertiary TAFE and university undergraduates. We believe in giving high school students, undergraduates and youths the best opportunity to realise their work-ready capabilities and potential. We can accommodate disadvantaged and hardship circumstances providing fee concessions or exemptions on a case by case basis for up to 5 individuals per 100 payee candidates.

Charity Support: 10% of proceeds per 100 fee payee candidates donated to a nominated school, university or charity fund.

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