Advance Program
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Peak Performance Advance Program is designed to boost individual and team capability, to execute effective and efficient work outcomes according to the principles of Peak Performance work. The program can be taken together with the Foundation program over 2 days at a reduced price of just $999 plus tax or GST.

Individuals are introduced to the higher concepts of problem solving and project-based work.

The Advance Program is focused on enabling capability through an initial recognition that “ingrained complacency” limits overall team and organisational productivity.

Work (solving the right and strategic business problem) is seen in the broader context of definition and the end-to-end Work Management Life Cycle in project-based work, including advance confidence scheduling, while enabling participants to comprehend the importance and ability to address the 3 Big Questions, the 3 Pillars of Peak Performance, managing collaboration and team communications, addressing the 3 C’s of Content, Clarity and Confirmation.

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#TheMostImportantProgram for post study, pre-work and employment can be taken independently of or together with Foundation #PeakPerformanceNOW program. Its focus is enabling capability to achieve collaborative and productive outcomes while enforcing work as a business problem that is to be solved competently and completely. It introduces participants to the concepts of Project-based Problem Solving.

The #PeakPerformanceNOW program is also offered through our consulting services as a tailored #TheUltimateProgram that can include either the Foundation and/or Advance packages based on team or organisational needs.