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We are a peak performance and business capability enabler. We work with individuals, high schools, companies, charity and youth institutions and government departments to bridge business skills and capability gaps through our unique #PeakPerformanceNOW! program

What we do: We empower individuals and teams to do work “As A Business Problem To Be Solved” completely and competently by enabling the Right Work Done Right First Time, Every Time and On Time. We empower businesses and corporate executives to deal with increasing market place disruptions and to find a way around complexity and uncertainty

Why we do what we do: We have together over 40 years corporate work experience across several industries including government and not for profit. We’ve observed and seen voluminous amounts of unplanned work (avoidable reworks) by individuals and teams, these despite recent and current improvements in people, process and technology. We know the underlying causes and we know what can be done better and we want to empower people for compelling work

How do we do what we do: We developed our own unique #PeakPerormanceNOW! program to empower people and to fast forward their business and work-ready capabilities. We empower individual and team by bringing forward years of work experience as well as from tertiary and professional courses that are generally and initially prohibitive to those just starting out, returning to work after a period of absence or are by their socio-economic dispositions already significantly disadvantaged. Through these programs we consult and we promote a healthy understanding of what is work in today’s business context and how people can achieve the capabilities needed to do relevant, timely and productive work competently and completely, that is to minimise unproductive and unplanned work and avoid reworks that delay and cost businesses

A unique opportunity to partner with us

Our vision: Every person as a work-ready #PeakPerformanceNOW! individual regardless of their origin, economic and social status

A simple foresight and legacy that no one who needs and wants work should be lacking it for want of capability. We seek to enable this in one of two pathways. The first is to bring forward the years of capability and experience to those seeking work for first time. The second is providing a low cost business opportunity to experienced professionals who share our agenda and business model to join us – everything as possible, nothing is impossible

Our objectives: Students to leave school with awareness of what is expected of them in the real world of work. Individual and teams to rise to the challenge of solving business problems competently and completely with a minimal or no reworks

Our goals: To seed future growth and opportunities initially across Australia and our neighbouring Asia then elsewhere through a simple and affordable annual licence that we are prepared to tailor to genuine needs and circumstances, following a micro-business formula that enables individuals to develop, sustain and proliferate capability, independence and self-sufficiency

We will work with individuals, high schools, companies, institutions, government departments, charity and youth councils as valued partners in countries, cities and even remote townships and villages to bridge critical and fundamental skills and capability gaps, to improve the work ready capability of otherwise disadvantaged and disenfranchised youths in poverty and in indigenous communities

We welcome partnerships with established organisations, professionals and philanthropists who can sponsor underprivileged licensees of our programs and share our vision

We invite similarly motivated professionals who are considering going solo or as independent consultants to consider partnering with us to expand the repertoire of our consulting services and programs


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Work-Ready Capability

"Wish I knew about The Most Important Program for peak performance when I first started out. It’s certainly an important program for school leavers and those seeking to join or re-join the workforce"
Amy Xie, Head IT Engineering & Transformation
Banking & Financial Industry, Australia
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