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7 Traits of the Emergent Leader
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7 Traits of the Emergent Leader

1. Forgets everything that is known about leadership. Embrace everything that is to know about  leadership possibilities.

2. Embraces “Precede” and “Preclude”, survival isn’t mandatory. It isn’t just us or the customer, it’s everyone as a personally connected digital ecosphere.

3. “Disruptive Transformation” (from within) is more visionary and important than disruptive innovations (from without)

4. Hones “Emergent Leadership” in the business and “Emergent Evolution” of the organisation , shuns predetermination (of anything).

5. Emergent as paramount for growth, expansion and realisation of “what’s possible”. Aristotle understood “emergence” when he proclaimed “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

6. Leverages “Collective Will” in the business to positively impact on and create core business capability and / or strategic capacity for “#Uncommon” and strategically creative differentiations.

7. Disruption was never  the NEW norm, “Emergent” is.


by Vincent Fong
Program Consultant