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#TheMostImportantProgram empowers individuals and teams for #PeakPerformanceNOW!

#TheUltimateProgram empowers business leaders and executives with a template for #DisruptiveTransformation and #UncommonSolutions

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What We Offer

A unique #PeakPerformanceNOW! program offered as-is to individuals or tailored to teams and corporate needs

WorkAware #PeakPerformanceNOW! Manifesto: Peak performance is achieved when people have acquired the fundamental skills of how to work competently and completely to produce effective and efficient results. Productivity is only assured when people are able to do complete work that matters delivering benefits and satisfaction with minimal reworks (wastes and delays)

#PeakPerformanceNow! Mindset

A #PeakPerformanceNOW! mindset doesn’t come naturally to everyone, it can however be developed in all individuals, teams and even as an organisation

We facilitate this process by first evoking an understanding of learning-unlearning-relearning as we introduce work as a business problem to be solved competently and completely with emphasis on the "Right Work Done Right First Time, Every Time and On Time"

Basic Problem Solving

Key studies and more recently continue to identify the ability to solve business problems as a critical asset by employers. In problem solving, we enable individuals, teams and organisations to understand the end-to-end process of problem solving via review and reflection, intelligence gathering and being attentive to the culture and practice of developing not just a solution but the right solution

Advance Problem Solving

In advance problem solving, we introduce our Work Management Life-cycle tying back to problem solving as an end-to-end process of doing #PeakPerformanceNOW! work. Individuals, teams and organisations get a better appreciation and understanding of the #PeakPerformanceNOW! Framework founded on the 3 pillars of Confidence, Capability and Control and delivered in our programs to ensure that right work is done right first time, competently and completely

Benefit – Traceability - Validity

Benefits, traceability and validity are concepts that bind our results of peak performance. Every solution is delivered to derive one or more benefits and every process that produces that benefit has to be traceable back into the requirements and needs of the solution and finally, satisfaction of outcomes can only come from validation. These are simple but critical concepts that underpin capabilities of individuals, teams and organisations and which enable their ability to assure peak performance outcomes

Project-based Capability

A fundamental and core aspect of our programs are directed towards enabling individuals to function as cohesive and collaborative teams and for teams to be able to function as part or all of the organisation. Project-based capability is the advance component of peak performance work. Here participants acquire the higher order Confidence, Capability and Control over their work by applying project-based methods including answering the 3 Big Questions, Traceability and Transparency, Dependencies and Schedule Development. Participants learn what it means to collaborate for the desired results and how to apply specific tools to close transition gaps that can lead to reworks and unplanned work (wastes and delays)


As a consultancy our programs are designed to enable or develop critical peak performance in project leadership, managed services, network operations, process optimisation and recruitment services. We also provide some after care in the form of coaching and mentoring. The Ultimate Program that addresses disruption, complexity and uncertainty as the norm more than an exception is our executive component. It includes a half-day executive workshop

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"Wish I knew about The Most Important Program for peak performance when I first started out. It’s certainly an important program for school leavers and those seeking to join or re-join the workforce"
Amy Xie, Head IT Engineering & Transformation
Banking & Financial Industry, Australia
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